We are a Leading Forex Trading Education Company Whose Mission is to Educate, Guide and Support People to Be Profitable in the Long Haul.

Our Vision Is To Create Profitable Traders And Help People Achieve Financial Freedom Through Trading.

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Why Choose Actions To Wealth?

  • Diverse ATW Proprietary Strategies

    Different strategies to suit your lifestyle. Using one strategy that suits your lifestyle & trading personality will ensure 100% effectiveness of that strategy for maximum profits!

  • Risk Management System

    Learn what the top Forex Traders use to keep them in check… making it IMPOSSIBLE to lose the entire capital in your account!

  • Professional Traders as your PERSONAL coaches

    We have different Strategy Leaders who primarily trading their strategy, to guide and help you in mastering that strategy.

  • Professional Trading Blueprint

    We provide a complete pathway for one to be able to go from a total amateur to a full-fledged professional trader!

  • Ongoing Support

    We provide ongoing support throughout your trading journey.

    P.S. Even our admin staff trade with ATW. So you know, we know our stuff!

"I am amazed and fortunate to have known ATW, the endless and continuous support that is still being rendered, is really thoughtful and useful for a learning trader..."

Things changed when I met ATW in October 2016, and since then, I knew that the kind of stuff ATW is doing is sincere and genuine in developing profitable traders. Changes in ATW are always intentionally aimed to improve and help traders.

Kenn Chu 
Simple FX Profits Graduate

"Very happy & satisfied with Simple FX Profits. Keep up the spirit."

Continue to inspire more people to take up the challenge! All the best!


Dr. D.C
Simple FX Profits Graduate

"I was pleasantly surprised by ATW's genuine policy to train Traders. Not only do they talk the talk, but they walk the walk also..."

"It's almost been a year since I joined, there's still no "catch". The only catch is that I have learned so much as a trader, developed my trading mentality, made like-minded and genuine friends along the way...."

Simple FX Profits Graduate

"Instructors were very patient explaining stuff ...."

Learning experience was fun and interactive for all involved. Content is relevant and well-paced enough for even total beginners to follow...

Loh X.J
Simple FX Profits Graduate

"A good course for beginners and definitely not a scam that you should be wary of!

Committed professional traders guided my trading journey with sincerity and enthusiasm. Thank you, Paul and Roy!

Chua B. 
Simple FX Profits Graduate

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